Home InspectionAs a home buyer, you want to gather as much information as you can about a property before you sign on the dotted line. If the house has problems, then those problems become yours. One way to get more detailed information about a prospective home is by getting an infrared home inspection from InspectPros, Inc.

About Infrared Inspections

An infrared inspection uses specialized technology known as infrared thermography that pinpoints unseen trouble areas in your home. For example, if you had a potential roof leak, the area would show up “cool” on the infrared scan. “Hot” spots might indicate trouble with electrical or other wiring issues. Many of these types of problems go undetected during a traditional home inspection because they occur out of sight (in crawl spaces or between walls, where inspectors can’t reach). While not seen by the naked eye, the potentially troublesome areas could become big problems later on, and that’s information you want to know ahead of time.

Our Inspectors

Our inspectors are trained and certified to use the specialized infrared thermography equipment and to interpret the results. We make sure our inspection team has both the education and experience to make this inspection upgrade worth your time and money. Since opening our doors in 1992, we’ve inspected over 30,000 properties in the greater Ventura, Thousand Oaks, and Santa Barbara, CA, area.

Other Specialty Inspections

The infrared inspection isn’t the only upgrade we offer at InspectPros. In addition to a traditional home inspection, you might also opt for mold testing or a pool/spa inspection. There’s value in getting more detailed information so that you can go about the important business of making your real-estate decisions.

Schedule Today

To schedule your infrared home inspection or to find out more, contact InspectPros today at (805) 484-9711. We would be glad to answer all your questions and help you find the right home-inspection solutions for your pending purchase.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay