3 Reasons to Schedule a Mold Inspection Today

Mold is a scary word for any homeowner. Whether you have experienced issues or not, you have undoubtedly heard horror stories of mold infestations that created significant repair needs, including ripping up flooring, walls, and even home fixtures. What you probably haven’t heard is that preemptive measures can be, and should be, taken to protect against potential issues. A good general practice is to have the qualified and experienced inspectors at InspectPros, Inc. perform mold inspections or mold testing if one or more of the following three scenarios is present in your home.

How to Avoid These 3 Major Home Inspection Issues

Homes can hide a myriad of issues. Some are small and simple to fix, but others can cause severe damage that is expensive and time consuming to correct. The home inspection experts at InspectPros, Inc. want you to be prepared for some common problems that can wreak havoc on your home so that you can avoid the headache of costly repairs. 

Home Inspection Spotlight: Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the busiest room where the family congregates for mealtimes and socializing. Not only is it important to have a working kitchen immediately upon moving in for convenience, but for practical reasons as well. You have to have a way to keep food fresh right when you move in, unless you plan on eating out for every meal. Finding out that your refrigerator doesn’t work or that the pipes are leaking will only add unneeded stress to your move. The home inspection experts at InspectPros, Inc. know how important a thorough inspection is for your whole home. Here are some key areas that inspectors should check for defects in the kitchen.

3 Easy DIY Home Projects

Homeownership brings freedom, pride, and independence. It’s the American Dream, right? Once in their own home, many homeowners quickly become overwhelmed with the maintenance required and the cost associated with the never-ending list of home projects. Here at Inspect Pros, Inc, we know that tackling these projects yourself can save time and money IF you know what you’re doing. Here are some quick projects that shouldn’t be overlooked and you can DIY.

Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Property Inspector

The process of purchasing or selling a home can be fraught with anxiety, twists, and turns. The home inspection often feels like one of those hurdles. However, by being present at the home inspection and asking plenty of questions, you can take charge of your home inspection and feel confident moving forward. Our team at InspectPros, Inc. recommends that you ask your home inspector (at minimum) these three questions.

5 Things to Expect at Your Inspection

If you’re new to the home-buying process or you’ve never had a home inspection, you may be feeling a little leery about the entire thing. We get it. You pay a company to come in and find everything and anything that could possibly be “wrong” with your potential new home. It can be an anxiety-producing process, but at InspectPros, Inc., we’ve found it can go a bit easier if you know what to expect.

What is an Infrared Inspection?

As a home buyer, you want to gather as much information as you can about a property before you sign on the dotted line. If the house has problems, then those problems become yours. One way to get more detailed information about a prospective home is by getting an infrared home inspection from InspectPros, Inc.

5 Tips for Ventura County Homebuyers

Are you planning to purchase a home in the Ventura County, CA, area? Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you’ve done it all before, our team at InspectPros, Inc. wants to offer you a few home-buying tips.

3 FAQs about Home Inspections

The home-buying process can be fraught with twists and turns. You have so many details to consider and decisions to make. Along the way, you’re bound to have quite a few questions about everything, including the home inspection. To help homebuyers like you, we answer a few of the common questions we hear at InspectPros, Inc. of Camarilla, CA.

How to Hire a Home Inspector

You’re excited that you’ve found just the right home in the Ventura, CA, area, and you’re finally under contract. You’re ready for that closing date but know you need to tie up a few ends first. One such “loose end” is the home inspection. To find a reliable home inspector, consider these tips from the experts at InspectPros, Inc.