When you’re buying real estate, it’s smart to have a clear picture of what to expect once the deal closes. Is a new roof in your near future? Should you have an HVAC contractor on speed dial? And will that backyard pool be a weekend oasis or a money pit? Get the answers you need to make a wise decision with a comprehensive evaluation from the experts at InspectPros, Inc. Our certified specialists have decades of experience with property inspections of all kinds, including the specialty assessments that require additional time and training.

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Non-Standard Inspection Options

Having evaluated more than 30,000 properties since 1992, InspectPros has the knowledge and expertise to provide a thorough analysis of your home or commercial space. Although our standard home inspections and commercial assessments are quite detailed, we know some buyers want even more information about potential hazards. And some properties have non-standard equipment that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Over the years, we have developed expertise in the following specialty areas:

Mold Sampling & Air Quality Testing

Avoid putting those who enter your home or business at risk with a mold and air quality inspection. Mold and other air pollutants can cause health problems for children, the elderly, and people with allergies or compromised immune systems.

Pool, Hot Tub & Spa Inspections

If your dream home includes a pool, spa, or hot tub, you should definitely consider a full-service pool inspection. Everything may look beautiful on the surface, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. We will ensure all the equipment functions properly so your relaxing retreat doesn’t turn into a demanding duty.

We also inspect irrigation systems and conduct energy audits upon request.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Providing visibility into areas that can’t be viewed otherwise, thermal imaging can be used to detect temperature changes, moisture levels, and more that would otherwise remain hidden. The colorful infrared technology is an extremely useful tool in assessing everything from HVAC functionality to the effectiveness of a property’s insulation.

InspectPros’ Wide Range of Experience

InspectPros is a diverse multi-inspector firm dedicated to customer service excellence. Our team comes from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, giving us the knowledge base to cover all areas. When you are looking for an inspector in Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara, and beyond, make sure to invest in the best. Browse our recent reviews and some helpful resources to learn more about us, and then contact us at (805) 484-9711 to arrange an inspection.