Mold is a scary word for any homeowner. Whether you have experienced issues or not, you have undoubtedly heard horror stories of mold infestations that created significant repair needs, including ripping up flooring, walls, and even home fixtures. What you probably haven’t heard is that preemptive measures can be, and should be, taken to protect against potential issues. A good general practice is to have the qualified and experienced inspectors at InspectPros, Inc. perform mold inspections or mold testing if one or more of the following three scenarios is present in your home.

Mold Inspection

1. You Can’t See Mold, but You Can Smell It

Smell something strange but not sure what it is? It might be mold and it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when talking about mold. If you know, or even think, you smell mold, it’s time to call one of the inspectors at InspectPros.

2. Health Concerns

If you, a pet, or a loved one have been experiencing health concerns that cannot be specifically diagnosed by your doctor, with symptoms that are consistent with mold symptoms (coughing, sneezing, headaches, etc.) you may need to call the inspectors. Mold can often develop in your home virtually unnoticed by you or your family members.

3. Recent Mold Removal

So you identified a mold issue and had it removed. Good work! However, it’s almost just as critical to make sure that it didn’t spread and that it was effectively removed. Before you repair your floor or wall, consider having the area inspected to ensure that all of the mold was, in fact, completely removed. Imagine finishing a lengthy mold removal and repair project to have issues arise again a few short months later. Better safe than sorry.

Mold concerns are never fun and mold repair projects can cost you a lot of money, but more importantly, mold can cost you or your loved ones your health. Don’t neglect to protect against a potentially disastrous scenario! Call your friends at InspectPros for all of your residential or commercial inspection needs. Contact us today at (805) 484-9711 for more information or schedule an inspection online anytime.