Homeownership brings freedom, pride, and independence. It’s the American Dream, right? Once in their own home, many homeowners quickly become overwhelmed with the maintenance required and the cost associated with the never-ending list of home projects. Here at Inspect Pros, Inc, we know that tackling these projects yourself can save time and money IF you know what you’re doing. Here are some quick projects that shouldn’t be overlooked and you can DIY.

DIY Projects

1. Change the Refrigerator Filter

If you want to keep your fridge water tasting fresh and your ice maker working at its best, you can’t ignore that little indicator light telling you to change the filter. The frequency that you will need to change the filter will depend on the quality of water in the region that you live in. Most refrigerator filters need changing every 6 months to 1 year. 

2. Flush the Water Heater

Regularly flushing out your hot water heater is an important task but is easy to overlook. Getting rid of the gunk and mineral deposits that accumulate will help your hot water heater run more efficiently as well as prolong its life, saving you money in the long run. Flushing your water heater only takes about 20-30 minutes and should be done about once a year.

3. Easily Remove Hard Water Build-Up

Is your showerhead blocked by unsightly calcium deposits? Hard water can be high in calcium, magnesium, lime, silica, and other minerals. Once hard water passing through a showerhead dries, it leaves behind deposits. This mineral buildup is both unattractive and problematic, as it can plug up the waterways and prevent your shower from flowing at full blast. Fortunately, you can use white vinegar to easily remove the build-up by soaking overnight.

For detailed videos on these topics and several more, visit the DIY page on our website. Your friends at Inspect Pros, Inc. can answer any questions on these topics and anything related to residential and commercial inspections. If you live in the Ventura, Santa Barbara, or Thousand Oaks, CA areas, contact us today at (805) 484-9711. We’ll be glad to answer your questions or provide you with a quote.