How to Avoid These 3 Major Home Inspection Issues

Homes can hide a myriad of issues. Some are small and simple to fix, but others can cause severe damage that is expensive and time consuming to correct. The home inspection experts at InspectPros, Inc. want you to be prepared for some common problems that can wreak havoc on your home so that you can avoid the headache of costly repairs. 

3 Easy DIY Home Projects

Homeownership brings freedom, pride, and independence. It’s the American Dream, right? Once in their own home, many homeowners quickly become overwhelmed with the maintenance required and the cost associated with the never-ending list of home projects. Here at Inspect Pros, Inc, we know that tackling these projects yourself can save time and money IF you know what you’re doing. Here are some quick projects that shouldn’t be overlooked and you can DIY.

What You Need to Know about Commercial Property Inspections

You’re in the market for a property to fit your small business. Whether you’re a new venture or a family-owned and -operated shop that’s been in the area for years, you need to make a wise choice. Part of that decision-making process is getting a commercial property inspection. When you choose our team at InspectPros, Inc., here’s what you can expect.

The Value of a Reserve Study

At InspectPros, Inc., we’re known for providing quality residential and commercial building inspections throughout the Ventura, CA, area. But our trusted professionals don’t stop there. We also offer reserve studies for our commercial clients. A reserve study is a thorough assessment of your property’s physical condition and an in-depth plan for helping you budget for future repairs and improvements.