Mold InspectionAre you in the process of purchasing a new home in Ventura, CA? Maybe you have already been in the house for a while but suspect mold is present? Many of our customers at InspectPros, Inc. question whether they really need mold testing in addition to the home inspection. If you’re wondering the same thing, consider these three warning signs that a home may have mold.

1. Recent water damage

Is the house in a flood zone? Did you notice a sump pump in the basement and wonder whether previous owners have had problems keeping it dry? If you know of or suspect water damage in a home (whether caused by flooding, a leaky pipe, or damaged roof), play it safe and order mold testing.

2. Damp or musty smell

Many people, especially if you’re sensitive to molds and other allergens, can often walk into a home that has mold and smell it right away. That damp, musty odor is often a tell-tale sign that a home may have some moisture (and possibly mold) issues.

3. Visible mold

During the walk through, did you notice mold in a certain area of the house, like a bathroom or kitchen? If so, then you definitely need to get a mold inspection to determine how pervasive mold is within the house. It may have just been a patch caused by a leaky faucet and easily remedied. However, it may be much more widespread, and you need to know.

You can hire our inspectors to do your mold testing alone as a specialty inspection or in addition to your home inspection. Our four-step mold inspection process is thorough and gets you lab results within 24 to 48 hours. That way, you can have the information you need to decide whether to purchase the home, negotiate for mold remediation, or decide to hire the work done on your own.

To find out more or to schedule mold testing, contact InspectPros today at (805) 484-9711.


photo by Martin Grube (This image is from the FEMA Photo Library.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons